Angelite Nugget Bracelet

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Gentle, Angelic Angelite Nugget Bracelets are nothing short of stunning.

  • Angelite raises the state of conscious awareness. It represents peace and brotherhood. Angelite facilitates contact with your angels and spirit guides and helps to connect with your higher self.
  • It enhances psychic healing and telepathic communication and enables astral travel and spirit journeys.
  • Angelite is a powerful stone for healers. It also provides protection for the environment or the body.
  • Psychologically, Angelite helps you to speak your truth. It promotes communication and self-expression.
  • Dispels fear, anger and anxiety, converting them into faith and tranquility. Angelite encourages forgiveness. 

Chakras - Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra

Zodiac - Aquarius