Blue Calcite Tumblestones

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Weight: between 30-40 grams

Measurements: 2cm wide x 2cm long x 1-2cm high 

  •  A unique member of the Calcite family, Blue Calcite is a stone of healing and of communication.
  • Acting to heal the Throat Chakra it can help us to express, encourages open communication with those around us and allows for free emotional release.
  • It also connects us with our Third Eye Chakra to encourage spiritual communication and development.
  • Building our intuition and perception, Blue Calcite is the perfect stone to enhance inner sight and psychic awareness.
  • Also known to stimulate creativity, this stone can help us express our talents and overcome writers block or any similar energy blockage.  


Chakra: Third Eye, Throat.

 Zodiac: Cancer.