Clear Quartz Cluster

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Approx 146 grams.

Clear Quartz Clusters radiate immense amounts of energy due to their many points, sending energy out in all different directions.

Program a Clear Quartz Cluster to hold your thoughts and intentions so that it can constantly put them out into the universe!

Clear Quartz are high in vibrational energy. Known as the master healing stone physically, spiritually and emotionally. This crystal activates and harmonizes all chakras, being a gift from mother earth. These beautiful clear crystals not only amplify energy, they can be programmed with intent and energy into it because it can retain memory. Physically this quartz stimulates the immune system, enhances energy and balance into the body.

  • To bring protection and grounding in meditation
  • To energise your other crystals
  • To freshen the atmosphere and your surrounds
  • Use as a meditation focal point
  • Use for home and business prosperity.