Clear Quartz Geode Pair

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These sparkly and wondrous crystal geodes are the perfect way to stay connected with the people we love or make the perfect statement piece in the home. Keep half for yourself and give the unique matching other half to somebody else, or use in the home as a beautiful decorative piece.

Known as the master healer, harmonising all the chakras and amplifying the energies of other crystals, this powerful mineral stores, releases and regulates energy, facilitating the release of negative energy and habitual negativity. Clear quartz can cleanse your sacred space or body, ‘clearing the air’ to renew and refresh the vibrations. An essential crystal for everyone, clear quartz is the ultimate stone for manifesting positive changes in your life by helping you create clear thoughts and intentions and empowering you to follow through.

Weighing 300 grams and approx 8 cm diameter.